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Shutters Design 4 foot fence
Shutters Design 4 foot fence  $125.00 
(per 8 foot section)

Shutters Design 4 foot fence                                        (click for 6 foot)

The price of a quality metal fence is usually the result of 2 components: the materials and the installation by a professional.  OUR MODELS ARE COMPLETELY USER INSTALLABLE. 

This shutter design gives you distinctive looks while still offering a high level of security and privacy.  The design uses high quality steel for the skeleton frame and beautifully painted wooden pickets to give you privacy.  Add a splash of color to your surroundings; we have many colors to choose from.

Wooden fences offer privacy by using wide pickets that completely cover a perimeter.  Unfortunately wood deteriorates over time causing the entire fence to look unattractive.  Metal fences provide long lasting maintenance free beauty because they don't deteriorate like wood but unfortunately the metal pickets are narrow and don't provide complete privacy.   The shutters design is a combination of these two types of fences.  A long lasting metal skeleton supports wooden pickets.  The metal skeleton provides a long lasting maintenance free frame for the wooden pickets while the pickets provide privacy by completely covering the perimeter.  Pickets can be replaced and re-attached to the metal skeleton for many years of enjoyment and privacy.

This model offers you the highest quality fence and a significant savings because it does not require installation by expensive professionals, it is completely user installable.  Better yet, unlike other fences this model is engineered to follow the rise and fall of the elevation of the landscape. 

Why choose this model?  Heavy 14 gage square tube steel frame skeleton for strength and longevity.  The skeleton is powder coated to prevent rust and provide a long lasting worry free finish.  Wood pickets are painted to your color selection.  The design is engineered to be completely user installable requiring no welding and engineered to follow the elevation of the landscape.

What do you need and what is the cost for the project?  Color:  Click on the desired color, your choice should read as the selected option.  Fence Panels: Measure each side of your perimeter independently (round up to the nearest foot).  Enter the length of each side in one of the boxes below (in feet).   Click the TOTAL button  If you need more examples click on the tutorial below.  Add your selection to the shopping cart.  Then finish your estimate by clicking on the post selection below to add the desired posts for your project.  Need assistance? call us at 817.607.3548 or email us.

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