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Featured Products
Metal Fence Classic Design (4 foot height)
Metal Fence Classic Design (4 foot height)  $150.00 
(per 8 foot section)

Metal Fence Classic Design 4 foot height                                     

(click here for 6 foot height)

Fence prices for quality steel fencing is usually the result of two components: the materials used for building a fence and the installation by a professional. 


Steel fencing is a beautiful addition to any property.  The classic design of steel fencing provides distinctive looks with an open feel while offering a high level of security.  A steel fence can transform a plain front or back yard into a virtual work of art. 

Until now the only obstacle has been the fence prices since steel fencing usually requires a professional to come to your home, take measurements of your perimeter, custom build your fence AND install it.


We have many yard fence styles and colors to choose from.  If you are building a privacy fence; add a splash of color to your surroundings.

Our steel yard fence models offer you the highest durable quality and a significant savings because they do not require installation by expensive professionals, they are completely user installable.  Better yet, unlike other fences our models are engineered to follow the rise and fall of the elevation of the landscape.  (view example)

Why choose this model? 

  • Heavy 14 gage square tube steel throughout for strength and distinctive looks.
  • Pickets are heavy 3/4 inch square tube steel.
  • All pieces receive an exclusive color powder coating process for a beautiful long lating rust free finish.
  • Engineered to be completely user installable requiring no welding.
  • Engineered to follow the rise and fall of the elevationof the landscape.
  • The unique design even allows for the replacement of individual pickets.

Easy Fence Estimator for Steel Fencing

What is the cost for your yard fence project and what material do you need?  Follow these simple steps to determine your fence prices.

   1. Choose your Color: Click on the desired color, your choice should read as the selected option on the page.

   2. Determine how many Fence Panels you need (Click here for an example) 

      a. Measure each segment of your perimeter independently rounding up to the nearest foot.

      b. Enter the length of each of the segments in the boxes in the fence estimator below (in feet).

      c. Once you have entered the length of all the segments in the fence estimator, Click the "TOTAL" button.  The fence estimator will display the number of fence panels you will need for your project.

      d. Add your selection to the shopping cart by clicking the button "Add To Cart".

   3. Determine how many Posts you will need (Click here for an example)

      a. Click on any of the post images on the bottom for instructions on how to determine how many posts you will need.

     b. Add the desired posts for your yard fence to the shopping cart.

Your shopping cart now includes all the materials for you to install your beautiful new yard fence.

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